When did you realize you had anxiety?

I noticed when I started to have panic attacks that something wasn’t quite right.

Do you have advice for people going through anxiety or depression?

To speak out about what they are going through and not to keep it to themselves. I didn’t speak about what I was going through for a long time and it just ate and ate at me til my friend committed suicide and I realized I need to get help before my thoughts took me down the same path. So my advice is to find a voice to say ” I am not coping” and don’t be afraid of the judgment. You are doing this for you. Its all self-love baby and no one is more important than yourself.

Do you have advice for a family member, friends or spouse on supporting people with anxiety or depression?

Be patient, supportive and do their own research about it so they have a better understanding of it.

What keeps you motivated and positive?

My motivation is my children. I have parents with mental health issues ( Schizophrenia dad and a mum who had depression)  and know how hard it is to deal with that and I don’t wanna put any of my stuff or problems on to them. I want them to see a happy mum, not a mum who is sad and struggling all the time. My positive comes from wanted to make a difference and it starts with me. Self-grow.

My relationship with depression and anxiety is a roller coaster. Some days I can handle it, other days it overwhelms me.  I learned ways to cope through seeing a psychiatrist, which has helped me a lot. I still have a long way to go but I take each day as it comes. Day by Day.

What do people say to you that you wish they wouldn’t?

That its all in your head. To stop over thinking it and to get out of your own head. They don’t realize that it’s a chemical imbalance and I can’t help it. I try and keep out of my head but it’s my head who won’t keep out of me. If that makes sense.

Do you think the health care system is doing enough?

Hell No!. When my dad was going through an episode, we were told by our health system that he has to hurt himself or someone else to receive help. Which is what we were trying to avoid. There is not enough education about mental health and there is not enough support systems or programs to help you at all. They need to do better.

How did your family handle it?

Some were fine, understanding and supportive of me getting help to understand what was going on. Others didn’t really talk about it at all or thought it was just me overwhelming myself.


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